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We as university chaplains are here to support you and do what we can so that your time at LiU will we as positive as possible.


Did you know that we chaplains has been in service at universities for more than 700 years. The first known chaplain served at Cambridge 1256 a.d, and we are still here! 


We are called “church on campus” (Kyrkan på universitetet- in swedish), but we are kind of a different church. If you want to, you can join us for prayer and services. Click here to see what´s up next.

We also know everything about different churches and other religious groups in our region. (Several churches has english translation on their services so it's a great way to get to know more about that part of culture and life in Sweden.) We can help anyone who wants to find groups that suits you whatever denomination or religious group that you are interested in.

Please see our list of links to our friends and sites that we find interesting.


But even though we as priest and pastor are christians, you don't have to be that and our focus when we meet are not our own intresses. Your needs and thoughts is our agenda. So you are more than welcome to contact us wether you consider yourself religious or not.


Our slogan is “we have time for you and everything is talkable”. That means everything. It could have to do with getting around and getting to know and understand your new culture and society. It could have to do with something that's bothering you like missing family from back home or study related topics as dealing with pressure. It could also have to do with what you long and aim for, where you would like to be heading or other positive aspects of life. We have professional secrecy and you can trust us.


We are part of the crisis organisation at LiU and also take part in events related to if a student or staff would die, like memorials and funerals.


We also hold classes and lecture in different programs, for example about mental health, ethical and existential topics. Please contact us if you have an idea of a possible way we can help.


We are at all three campuses, you can visit us in “Kårallen” at campus valla, “Örat” at campus US, and where ever you like at campus Norrköping.


For further contact and information check us out at, and do not hesitate to take a personal contact with us by phone, mail or via the contact form below.

"We are here for you, everything is talkable!"

Mikael Billemar(1)_edited.png
Mikael Billemar

University chaplain & priest, Campus Norrköping


076-762 71 56

Anders Facks

University chaplain & priest, Campus US/ Campus Valla


070 - 603 97 60

Mattias Sennehed

University chaplain & pastor,

Campus Nrkpg, Campus US, Campus Valla


073 - 384 11 29

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